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Superb Screening Process

Our recruiting and staffing process includes a thorough background screening of applicants for various industries.

Reliable Recruiting

Contrary to popular belief, getting the help of a recruiting and staffing agency will help you in the long run.

Proven Track Record

We have one of the best track records for providing successful career matches for applicants looking for work and companies


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Staffing and Recruiting Services

Sparks Group is a staffing and recruiting agency located in the DC metro area. Sparks Group works as a strategic partner to assist in the hiring needs for IT, finance, creative, and administrative positions across the country.

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What are Sparks Group’s Staffing and Recruiting Services?

Sparks Group specializes in finding and recruiting top talent for a diverse range of disciplines and industries. Sparks Group offers the following staffing and recruiting services:

Permanent Staffing

We help build productive and successful internal teams through the hiring of full-time candidates with the big-picture goal of employee retention. Our services include senior, executive, and mid-level management hiring needs. We extensively vet candidates to recruit top talent who possess the experience and temperament to lead highly successful initiatives.

Temporary Staffing

Sparks Group assists companies to facilitate coverage during peak workloads, staff for finite projects and awarded contracts, and cover short-term absences due to vacation, PTO, and maternity leave. Sparks Group has a proven record in placing candidates for temporary and contract roles across a broad range of areas.


Our contract to hire services offer companies a period of evaluation to determine if an employee fits strategically in the long term. Contract to hire positions offer candidates short-term employment with the opportunity to become full-time employees at the end of the contractual period. In many cases, contract to hire positions are mutually beneficial to both candidates and employers.

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Government and Cleared Services

As a staffing and recruiting firm headquartered near our nation’s capital, Sparks Group provides professional services to the federal government and many of the top government contractors. Additionally, Sparks Group provides security-cleared candidates for contract and permanent roles, up to the top-secret level.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services solution is ideal for companies looking to utilize independent contractors, consultants or former employees, manage internship programs and evaluate internally-recruited candidates in a “working interview” setting. Under the service, talent is sourced by the client, with Sparks Group handling employment functions including payroll, worker’s compensation insurance, and even benefits.

Resource Management Solutions

Sparks Group offers resource management solutions that facilitate cost reduction, increase productivity, and streamline operational processes. The three primary areas of focus are: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), On-Site Program Management, Managed Services Provider (MSP), and Organizational Consulting.

What makes Sparks Group Different Than Other Staffing Agencies?

Our dedicated team of staffing and recruiters work in tandem to ensure that organizations have a successful strategy and resources for attracting and retaining top talent in all positions.

With every new partnership, Sparks Group brings:

  • An extensive network of qualified candidates
  • A proven methodology to expedite the “candidate requisition-to-productivity” process
  • A reputation for quality-driven solutions
  • Comprehensive service options
  • A proven track record in placing professional, technical, creative and administrative talent

Is There a Difference Between “Staffing Services” and “Recruiting Services?”

Generally, while staffing and recruiting have common goals, company needs for staffing and recruiting differ slightly. Staffing is most commonly associated with short-term positions while recruiting tends to take on the task of finding permanent candidates.

To learn more about Sparks Group and our staffing and recruiting services, complete the form to schedule a free consultation with one of our hiring experts. Get started today.

5 Problems Every Recruiting Company Faces Today

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The recruiting industry has seen big changes in the last few years as the economy and technological advances have altered the way many companies hire. Of course, there are always challenges to be overcome, but it’s helpful to know about the biggest issues your recruiting company could face and how to handle these issues when they arise.

Let’s look at 5 problems every recruiting company faces today.

1. Finding the Right Candidates

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Finding the right candidates is a big challenge for recruiting companies today. Your clients need skilled, focused workers, and these people aren’t always easy to find. This is especially true with the increased demand for contract workers. The year 2014 has seen higher numbers in contract staffing than we have seen in many years. Recruiting companies can overcome this problem by stepping up their networking and advertising, especially through social media. The farther you can reach, the more quality candidates you’ll find.

For those recruitment firms that specialize in permanent placements and are having a hard time finding skilled, quality candidates in today’s market, offering to fill the vacant role temporarily until the right candidate can be found may be the route to take. A contract worker with less expertise may ease the time constraints allowing you more time for your search as well as satisfy the clients need to have someone fulfilling that role immediately.

2. Candidate Competition

Group Interview Tips: How to Stand Out from the Crowd - Interview Skills  Consulting

When that perfect candidate is found, you want exclusive rights to present them to your client but what if they are registered with your competition as well and have applied directly to available positions too? In today’s candidates market it’s important to offer more than other staffing firms and even more than the client can get on their own. Background checks, testing, references as well as a thorough interview process can put you far and above your competition as well as offer your client a fully vetted candidate right from the get go.

3. Speed

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The business world moves much faster today than it has in the past, and a recruiting company that can’t keep up will surely be left behind. Indecisive managers are one of the biggest reasons that transactions are slowed down. Any delays in hiring could derail your chances of placing a sought-after candidate in a position. Training your recruiters to act decisively and quickly is one thing, but coaching your client to move quickly with the interview and hiring process is another. In today’s market, great candidates can have multiple interviews and offers on the table. If your client moves too slowly, they could miss a great new hire and you could miss your commission.

4. Antiquated Search Tools

Numbers talk, and if your search tools are antiquated and of little value to your clients, you will find your recruiting company falling behind. Ensuring that job orders can post quickly and potential candidates are easily found across the web is crucial to you keeping up with your competition. If you are not familiar with the various social media sites where candidates gather, get familiar with them or hire someone in the know. Good people are hard to find but are almost impossible to find if your technology doesn’t allow you to utilize the web.

5. An Influx of Ineffective Recruiters

Contract staffing is big business and it has seen incredible growth in 2014 with expectations of further growth in the upcoming year. As the staffing industry grows, the temptation to become a recruiter to profit from this growth is great. Those that have no recruitment experience may have some success as companies further their reach for partners that can help them find their next great hire, but that success may just be a stroke of luck. As a business owner or an independent recruiter, it’s important that you sell your experience and dedication to the industry to your client. Independent staffing firms have much more invested in the success of their agency than multinationals who often have a revolving door of recruiters. As you sell your service to a potential client ensure that part of your pitch includes your ‘why’ – why you started your business in the first place – to ensure that you provide individualized, dedicated service.

These problems are real, but they can also be seen as opportunities. When you know what the hurdles are to your recruiting company’s success, you can formulate plans to jump over them and succeed. Contact The Staffing Edge to speak with experts on Canada’s recruiting industry. We can help you to develop a strategy that will help you to overcome today’s recruitment challenges.

5 Choices That Can Make A Business More Successful


In business, there are always choices. Should we do this or should we do that? If we do this, what impact will it have on our bottom line, employees, or customers? If we choose a different approach, what effect will it have on our reputation, branding, or goodwill? If we disrupt the market, will it end up, in the long run, being positive or negative for our business?

The decisions we make may at times seem obvious and easy, but carefully thinking through our options is a necessity for growth and survival. Consider the following five choices that can change a business:

The decisions we make about our business may at times seem obvious and easy, but carefully thinking … [+] ©VCHALUP – STOCK.ADOBE.COM

1. Focus on competitors or customers?

Certainly, every business needs to know its competition. What is their pricing, marketing, distribution, products or services, after-sales assistance, quality, refund policy, etc.? Meeting the competition head-to-head, however, is generally not the key to success.

On the other hand, if a business does not have customers, it really does not have a viable business. So, perhaps the focus should be on customers. Give them what they want in the way of pricing, delivery, customer service, and quality. More satisfied customers will mean more business. All of a sudden, it becomes the competition trying to figure out how to beat you and your business rather than you trying to figure out how to beat the competition.

2. Be a follower or leader?

As a business owner, do you prefer to be a follower or leader in your business segment? Whether your business is retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, technology, or professional, you have a choice: follow what other businesses are doing or be a leader on the forefront of new ideas, new product or service offerings, a different approach to customer service, or a unique value proposition. MORE FOR YOU How This Hospitality Business Not Only Survived But Thrived During The PandemicHere’s Why Entrepreneurs Make The Best MarketersBuilding Black-Owned Businesses In Mississippi

Being a follower might be a more conservative route to go, but will it provide the key elements necessary for you to achieve your goals and objectives? Taking the leader approach can certainly involve more risks, but the rewards can also be much greater.

3. Impede or facilitate employee morale?

There is no question that employees are the most valuable asset of any business. Without motivated and dedicated employees, a business is destined to remain mediocre. When owners and managers do not place high importance on employees, morale is impeded and growth is stymied.

When management understands the important link between employees, customers, and growth, it will facilitate employee morale with good communication, open-door policies, opportunities for growth and advancement, and individual respect. Facilitating employee morale is not accomplished by accident but through focused and deliberate actions.

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4. Nonexistent or existent company culture?

Company culture is hard to precisely define. It’s an atmosphere that prevails within a business about how employees behave, how they interact with each other in and out of work, and how they deal with outside parties, such as customers and vendors. It is about their beliefs, and can even be how employees dress, hours worked, and office configurations.

When there is no real, cohesive culture within a business, employees do their job and little else. When the workday is over, everyone goes their separate ways. Conversely, a culture can contribute to the success of a business. A culture that embraces the vision of the business affects in a positive way how employees work and act.

Although every business will have its own culture, a positive culture is essential for success. When employees feel valued with a sense of belonging and loyalty to a business, company value increases.

5. Deny or empower employees?

When there is no opportunity for growth, employees feel stymied in their current positions, which creates a lackluster business environment. Denying employees the opportunity to do things on their own, to implement new ideas, or to try and fail creates a monotonous situation that destroys any ingenuity that might exist in the workforce.

Empowering employees, however, creates excitement, turns ideas into reality, generates efficiencies, and inspires everyone to reach for higher plateaus. When employees have the power to do something, try something new, or make decisions on their own that are in line with company goals, they become more committed and confident in their work. Empowering employees is a key element in creating a long-term, profitable, sustainable business.

Which is more important?

Every action in a business has some type of consequence. When making a decision, consider wisely what will produce the best results, not only for the short term but for the long term, as well. It can often take just as much effort to produce a negative result as it does to produce a positive result. Direct your energies, therefore, into those areas that have the potential to produce the most positive business results.

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