7 Benefits of building a relationship with your recruiter

Have you lost touch with people in your professional network? Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, it’s worthwhile to rekindle those lost connections. Relationship building is an essential part of career success—and reconnecting with your recruiter is no exception. Here are seven benefits of building a relationship with your recruiter.

The Top 7 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

1. Learn about the market
You can get up to speed on industry trends and market insights by speaking with your recruiter. Our expert consultants can also provide you with comprehensive reports and surveys for each industry, such as our 2019 Hays US Salary Guide, which can be used to your advantage during the job search process. These can help you understand your worth, and refine your job search strategy accordingly. We can also provide advice on what you need to do to secure a higher salary.

2. Find the right fit
Understanding each candidate’s personality and motivations is a huge precursor to their successful placement; it’s important that client and candidate are the right fit for one another. From investing in relationships with clients and candidates alike, your recruiter can provide you with honest insight into what it’s like to work at that organization, as well as the questions you’re likely to be asked during an interview. That way, you can better determine if an opportunity is right for you.

3. Benefit your network
If you know someone who is looking for a career change, your recruiter may be able to connect them with the right opportunity. For instance, our team at Hays often posts job openings on LinkedIn and reaches out to our networks for referrals. When you refer someone for a position, you’ll also benefit from nurturing that relationship. Networking is about giving and take: the more you do to help someone else’s career, the more willing that person will be to help yours.

4. Stay relevant
Staying in contact with your recruiter and updating them is a good way to stay top of mind. All it takes is a quick email or a LinkedIn message about the change in your situation, such as a new job or a title change. Doing so demonstrates a track record of progress and how you’re growing in the industry. You may now qualify for roles that you weren’t qualified for in previous years. If you made a career change, letting your recruiter know about your new job search preferences will help them remember you when other relevant roles come along.

5. Discuss your career goals
Your recruiter may be able to provide you with tailored career advice. At Hays, you can set up a meeting with one of our expert consultants to help you better understand your career objectives and how to achieve them, including how to remedy any gaps in your industry knowledge. You can also discuss possible future career paths and the types of roles that are available.

6. Help you be social media savvy
Not only can our expert consultants show you how to write a solid resume, but they can also advise you on how to make full use of technology for the modern job search, including how to build a personal brand and online profile so that you can make a good impression to prospective employers. Hays also has a unique relationship with LinkedIn which allows us increased access to the platform so that we can connect millions of people globally with relevant job opportunities, materials, and employment-related content. This can be of great value when it comes to your career advancement—you can follow us on LinkedIn here.

7. Create future opportunities
Finally, if your recruiter has successfully placed you in a role, they will keep in touch with you throughout your career so that you know who to turn to if and when you are looking for a new opportunity.

Staying in touch with your recruiter and maintaining a solid relationship with them can help your career. Feel free to discuss with a Hays consultant what’s happening in your professional life, as well as what’s happening in the industry, and any questions you might have.