The Modern Staffing and Recruiting Website: 2020 and Beyond

They’re marketing dinosaurs.

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In truth, most aspects of staffing, marketing and technology have evolved dramatically in the past 20 years – and websites have experienced some of the most sweeping transformations. Years ago, Web 2.0 changed the game for our industry, and there’s no going back.

Fact: More people will now visit your website in a year than you talk to on the phone in your lifetime. 

Let that sink in for a minute. 

Whether you realize it or not, your website has truly become the foundation of your presence to most of your candidates and, to a large extent, your clients. So, is yours a powerful, dynamic platform for sales and recruiting – or is it little more than an online brochure?

If it’s the latter, investing in a modern staffing website – one that tells your story, ranks well in search, engages people and drives conversion – is a smart strategy to ensure your agency’s success in 2020 and beyond. If you want to build a website that attracts, engages and drives both employers and job seekers to take action, here are a few of the features it should include:

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Information architecture

Information architecture is all about getting website visitors – your clients, prospects, candidates and temporary employees – where they want to go on your website as efficiently as possible, from any other page on your site (remember, visitors don’t only land on your home page). The more clicks it takes people to find what they need, the more they’re going to disappear.

Conversion paths. When you design your site, think of how you will drive action from visitors:

  • get a job seeker to apply
  • spur a prospect to request a workforce consultation
  • convince a passive candidate to complete a form to opt into your talent community
  • entice an employer to pick up the phone and place an order

Want more great ideas for optimizing your staffing website – and modernizing your marketing strategy?

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